Yoshiaki Hayakawa

Dr. of Engineering & Architect
Smart Community Designer

"Design the environment and economic activities for a better living, a sustainable society."

Andeco created this message in combination. The Mobility Store Platform is a new mechanism to support retailers and those who start food and drink industry.

The mechanism that does not require excessive equipment is environmentally friendly, and at the same time it is perfect for people who start up.

Sustainable We, established a "place" and "tools" a variety of for mobile sales, through to continue to provide to those who are new start-up of the retail and food and beverage industries, which together with to enrich the lives, in harmony with the environment We will create a possible society.

Mobility Store Platform
By using IoT to make mobile sales platfroms, we create a system that convinient for both consumer and business operators.

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Smart City Consultation
With Sma Comit We Will Shape Your Dream

Sma Comit

Our Specialities


Smart city planing and consulting for a better enviroment for the community.

Buildings Constructions

development and consulting on new building and new products

Mobility Stores

Business platform for mobile seller, Energy supply and import / export.

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Business platform for mobile seller, planning, sales and consulting, import / export of various product.

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